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PHOENIX GROUP, a fast growing multiactivity business house, nestles in the lap of divine Narmada. Established in 1972 as Phoenix Poultry primarily to promote commercial poultry...



Layer Conference On 15-04-2017

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    Summer Heat Stress Management of Poultry - Introduction
    Poultry are prone to heat stress during periods of high temperature and humidity. This is because, unlike mammals, birds do not have sweat glands. Hot weather can have a severe impact on poultry performance; production efficiency drops and mortality risk rises. All chickens are susceptible to heat stress, but particularly older birds. High temperatures and humidity levels cause reduced growth, egg production and habitability. Heat stress also causes smaller egg size, thin egg shells, and poor internal egg quality.



    MYCOPLASMOSIS - A serious problem of poultry industry.
    Mycoplasmosis, commonly known as chronic respiratory disease of chickens, has existed in our country since time immemorial and was largely controllable. Recently, however, it appears to have emerged with renewed vigour, has become more common and a serious challenge to the industry. Why?



    Predisposing factors for respiratory diseases in birds.
    The global poultry is ever changing and is influenced by factors whether genetic, environmental or new and emerging diseases. Most of the commonly occurring diseases in birds belong to the respiratory group, which are predisposed by a number of factors.



    Empowerment of Rural Women through backyard Poultry a success story.
    Rural Poultry production is being recognised as important component of socio economic improvement among the weaker section of society; specially landless labour, small & marginal farm womens. Rural Poultry generates self employment, provides supplementary income with protein rich food at relatively low cost.



    Precautions to be taken care by farmers in Wet Weather.



    CHICKS RATE (As On Date 13-Aug-2020)

    M.P. 22/-, C.G. 25/-, MAHARASTRA 22/-,
    U.P. 20/-, ODISHA 25/-, GUJRAT 22/-,
    BIHAR 22/-,JHARKHAND 22/-, W.B. 25/-


    BROILER BIRD RATE (As On Date 13-Aug-2020)

    SMALL 86/-, MEDIUM 80/-, BIG 74/-


    EGG RATE (As On Date 13-Aug-2020)

    JABALPUR 385/-, BHOPAL 375/-, INDORE 370/-,
    RAIPUR 380/-, HYDERABAD 355/-, MUMBAI 385/-,
    DELHI 380/-, KOLKATA 405/-

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