Commercial Farming

Phoenix Farms consists of layer and broiler farms.

Layer chicks are reared for the production of eggs.\. These chicks achieve maturity around 20 weeks of age when egg production starts. During peek period egg production goes up 97% which means that 100 hens produce 97 eggs everyday. The egg production declines as the chicks get older and reaches around 86% when they achieve about 78 weak or around 19 months age. Their body weight ranges between 1200 gms to 1700 gms. These hens eat about 120 gms of feed everyday. From day old to time of willing each hen eats between 50 to 54 kg feed and gives around 330 – 340 eggs. Layer birds are small and light eaters but are very prolific egg layers.

Broiler chicks are reared and sold for table purposes. Between 30 to 50 days of growing broilers attain a body weight of 1200 gm to 3 kg. They consume around 1.6 to 1.8 kg feed for kilogram weight they gain. This is the best conversion ratio among all animals. Chickens both layer and broiler are the best converter of food for human consumption.

Poultry is more efficient than goats, cows, buffalos, pigs, ducks and rabbits. That is why chicken and eggs are the best alternative for high quality protein for human race.