Phoenix Feeds

The chickens' diet consists of feed made mainly from wheat maize corn and soybean meal or bone meal. The industry is working with various researchers to find effective ways of reducing the use of antibiotics while at the same time protecting the flock from disease. The quality of the feed is important because it determines how fast the broiler chickens growth.

The exact formulation depends on the cost and availability of the constituents. The cereals provide energy and the soybean meal and meat and bone meal are protein sources. Amino acids are the "building blocks" of proteins. The amino acids lysine and methionine are added because they are not present in sufficient amounts in the protein sources to meet the needs of the birds. There are no growth promoting hormones used in any poultry feed.

Why Phoenix feed is better than others.
• Quality ingredients and medicine purchase
• Nutrition value according to breed
• Specialized nutritionist and technical approach
• Long and rich experience of 40 years in manufacturing feed

Poultry is more efficient than goats, cows, buffalos, pigs, ducks and rabbits. That is why chicken and eggs are the best alternative for high quality protein for human race.